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Groundwater Information Resources at the University of California

UC Cooperative Extension Program in Groundwater Hydrology: your gateway to shortcourses, seminars, trainings, talks, advice, this web page - all about groundwater resources and groundwater quality in California.

California Soil Resource Lab, UC Davis Cooperative Extension: online soil survey data and soil survey GIS information

UC Water Resources Center: The UC clearinghouse and umbrella on water resources issues; provides groundwater expertise directory, biennial groundwater conferences, and research support on a wide variety of groundwater related topics

UC Water Resources Center Archives: A wonderful resource for anything ever written on water in general and on groundwater in particular.

UC Library Catalogues (Melvyl): Access to library searches, catalogues, databases.

UC Report on MTBE: California Senate Bill 521 directed the University of California to research the health and environmental effects of the gasoline additive methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE). The report summarizes the findings and opinions of a multidisciplinary group of UC scientists.