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California Links

California Groundwater Information Links

California EPA
California State Water Resources Control Board
California Department of Water Resources (DWR)
California Branch of the USGS
U.S. EPA Water Program, Region 9

California/Nevada Groundwater Atlas (USGS)
California Virtual Water Tour (Video, UC ANR)
Groundwater Data, Tools, Maps, and Reports (DWR)
Groundwater Programs (DWR)
Groundwater Basins Map (DWR)
Groundwater Level Data (DWR)
Groundwater Level Maps for the San Joaquin Valley (DWR)
Statewide Groundwater Planning (Bulletin 118) (DWR)
Statewide Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment Program (SWRCB)
Human Right to Water Portal (SWRCB)
California Well Standards and Monitoring Well Standards (DWR)
Wellhead Protection for Chemigation (DPR)
Access to oil & gas well records/logs (DOGGR)
Oil and gas well finder - map interface (DOGGR)
Map of California Watersheds (Bay-Delta Authority)
Identifying groundwater age in your well, online tool (USGS GAMACTT)

California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act
California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS)(DWR)
WaterTox: Computing water-related risk of pesticide applications (UCD IPM)
California Department of Public Health, Division of Drinking Water & Environment
Drinking Water Quality Standards (contamination levels, MTBE, Perchlorate, etc.)
California Certified Environmental Analytical Laboratories
California Water Quality Goals and Standards

Bureau of Reclamation, Sacramento Office
Live data for Corps of Engineers Reservoirs in California
Delta Stewardship Council (formerly CALFED-Bay-Delta)
CALFED Bay-Delta Program
CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) internet resources

Hydrovisions - Newsletter of the CA Groundwater Resources Association
Groundwater Resources Association of California
California Ground Water Association
Water Education Foundation
Association of California Water Agencies
California Rural Water Association
Association of Ground Water Agencies
Links to California Water Districts and Associations

California Water Photos (Dept. of Water Resources)
California Water Awareness Campaign
California Colloquium on Water (Videos; UC Water Resources Center Archives)
On-Line Soil Survey Data, California Soil Resource Lab
California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum
Central Valley Groundwater Models (2008 Workshop)

Drought Information

California Drought Center
California Drought News
California 100 Year Precipitation
Longterm drought indicator for the U.S.
California groundwater basins with shortages or monitoring gaps, DWR, April 2014
Agricultural Drainage: Shallow Groundwater and Salinity Level Maps, San Joaquin Valley
UC Water and Drought Online Seminar Series
Subsidence and Groundwater Pumping (short video, Mercury News)
California Climate Data Center
Water budget, droughts, and groundwater levels, 1970-2000, Tulare County

Local Groundwater Information Links in California

Friant Water Users Authority (Southeastern San Joaquin Valley)
San Francisco - South Bay Groundwater Protection (RWQCB)
Yolo County Flood Control and Conservation District 
City of Davis Water Quality Reports