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The mSim toolbox is a suite of Matlab functions which are primarily used to simulate Non Point Source Pollution in Groundwater aquifers based on Finite element methods. The current version of mSim solves the following equations in steady state:

1) Groundwater flow equation.

2) Particle Tracking.

3) 1D Advection dispersion equation.

In addition mSim provides a number of functions which assist with the pre/post-processing tasks involve in a Finite Element simulation as well as functions which are used in the Non Point Source modeling such as convolution functions etc. 

mSim uses Finite Element Method. For the mesh generation we rely on Gmsh generator, and for visualization we used Paraview.

The software is written almost entirely in Matlab and the majority of the functions are portable to Octave without modifications. However there are very few functions which are written in the new style of Matlab classes which are not supported by Octave.

We have also writen few functions in C/C++ which are called by other Matlab/Octave function and the users do not directly interact.

The help file of the program is accessible via the Matlab help menu.



If you use the code we would like you to cite the software as following:

Kourakos, G., and Harter, T., (2014), Vectorized simulation of groundwater flow and streamline transport. Environmental Modelling & Software 52, 207-221.


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